$500 Donation to Equal Justice Initiative

Equal Justice Initiative Donation Form


Because of you, we donated $500 this morning to Equal Justice Initiative. In one day. I’m awed, I’m hopeful, I’m humbled. Thank you.

I woke up this morning and typed Ahmaud Arbery’s name on the 'in memory of' section of the Equal Justice Initiative donation form.

I typed his name with a heavy heart.

I typed his name in awe of this amazing community sharing this mission.

And I typed his name with the realization that this is just a start. A marathon if you will, and I’ve just seen the mile marker #1 sign. I know others have been running much longer and harder than me. 

But, we won’t stop running.

Thank you running community. Thank you human community. Thank you to those who have purchased shirts, shared links or just stopped what you were doing to re-think what racial justice means in this country. I'm grateful for you.