Til We All Run Free

I will undoubtedly mess this up, but I’ve decided fumbling, learning and creating is better than silence.

A couple months ago I heard Ahmaud Arbery’s name for the first time. A Black man murdered while jogging in a White Georgia neighborhood. As a runner and a mother, I watched the story unfold on TV and spent weeks glued to CNN hoping for justice. I sought out unfamiliar running routes to clear my head.

This is my White privilege.

The privilege of learning Ahmaud Arbery’s name from the comfort of my couch. Not from a knock on my door telling me my child isn’t coming home.

The privilege of HOPING (but not taking action) for a better world.

The privilege of running down new streets without an ounce of fear.

I decided to make a shirt. Is it enough? Hardly. But, it’s a start and something I can do.

My hope is that the shirts will be worn, conversations will be sparked and money will be raised for Equal Justice Initiative. All proceeds will be donated there.

Til We All Run Free Shirt Creation